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The Counter-Strike TOP 100 Sites FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Category: Main -> HardMud Frequently Asked Questions



What is a STEAM_ID and how do I find it?

A STEAM_ID is your unique identifier while playing Counter-Strike. To find your STEAM_ID, log into any Counter-Strike game and type "status" in console. A STEAM_ID will look similar to "STEAM_0:0:1234567".

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How do I open the game console?

To open the console within STEAM, hit the ` key on your keyboard. If that does not work, you must hit ESC and select "settings" where you can check the box to enable the dev console.

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How do I bind keys (use Super Powers) in SuperHero Mod?

Type /help while in-game to see a list of binds and other comamnds. To bind a key you type this in console: "bind key +power1". Replace "key" with the key of choice.

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What is different about a HardMUD Dedicated Linux Game Server?

A HardMUD Server is connected straight to the internet backbone by a 100Mbit Ethernet connection. It is housed in a state of the art Network Operation Center with redundant connections, power supply, backup generator and halon fire suppression.

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Why do you use Linux instead of Windows?

Linux is hands-down the operating system of choice when it comes to multiplayer game servers. Linux is proven to be significantly more reliable and efficient than any Windows Operating System. Therefore, the overall performance of the game server can be maximized by using Linux.

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Why do players experience lag?

Lag is caused my many different things. The most common reason is poor service from a players ISP. Other reasons include:

- Players computer is bogged down because of too many objects in motion.
- Server processor overburdened.
- Server connection or bandwidth problems.
- High ping players (there is no good reason for this, but it appears to happen)

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